Zae had two days trialing at two different locations Nov 20 and 27 and earned a title each day. 🙂  Zae has moved up much quicker than anticipated in the levels.  We were in no rush to move up levels with the days here and there we did compete–novice and open were just easy breezy for the little skip skap!

Nov 20 was a novice/open only trial and Zae not only won each of his classes but had the fastest time of all heights too.  He nailed a beautiful dogwalk into a weave entry perfectly in standard.  And in jumpers midway though the run I noticed my shoe was untied so not so good handling :o)



Mayhem’s 6th birthday was Nov 25–he still is a little baby though 😀 He also competed Nov 27 but was battling his ring stress and did not Q in his runs.

Coming up Dec 19 Zae will turn two years old!  Also, because I am finishing up my last semester before I graduate we will take a break from competing until Dec is over.


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