Some updates

We have been competing a sunday here and there and the dogs have been doing super and having great results.  Since my last update, Mayhem has gotten 2 QQ’s, four first places, a third place and Zae has gotten several execellent Q’s with great times several times faster than the master dogs 🙂   He gets more confident each run and we are having a lot of fun.


Mayhem was #3 on 2016’s Bad Dog Agility’s breed power scores This was after just beginning to compete again and some runs with a stressed out Mayhem.  He has been running beautifully at trials since then.  After many years and trying countless things twice over to combat Mayhem’s ring stress I might have finally found a solution.  I have a food bowl game I quickly work on with the dogs several times a week and Mayhem struggles through it but has really helped him work through stress.  I do include this method in my Winter Games class and the next session will begin March 1st.  Registration is open now.  For more info click here.

Today marks 2 years since I brought Zae home from Germany.  He has taught me so much and helped push me even further to be the trainer that I am today.  Excited for many more years with my little skipskap !



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