Playing with Engagement

Playing with engagement is a great multidisciplinary foundation skill for any dog sport or dog trainer. From agility to flyball and even sports like IPO and obedience.  Playing games like these with your dog in turn builds on their drive too.  I also like to incorporate flatwork games with this engagement with my dogs and find it to be a great exercise to warm the dog up and get their focus on me.

Zae came to me as a dog who had no drive or interest in toys and through training and strengthening these skills he engages in play with me.  And on the other hand of the spectrum, Mayhem finds toys very rewarding on his own and it has taken training with him to have him engage me for play with the toy instead of keeping it to himself.  The last clip is of Stormy who is a very high-drive dog playing another variation of engagement.

If you’re looking to have a dog who is more engaging and WANTS to play with you  and strengthen your own skills as a dog trainer I teach skills like these and more in my online course Skill & Relationship Building  🙂

And a bonus heeling video with Zae 🙂


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