Advanced Balance Disc Exercises & Training Tips

Outlined in this video is a training session with different conditioning exercises for balance, strength and coordination.  Featured in the video is a dog who already knows these exercises and tricks but is revisiting behaviors and knows how to think through what might be expected and what he can get rewarded for.  These conditioning exercises are not only building the dog physically but also mentally by the dog working through problems.  Highlighted throughout the video are explanations of the training and process that I am using while working with Zae.  These tips generalize across dog training and different ways to incorporate into exercises.

The balance disc exercises I was asking of Zae in this video were more advanced because these are skills that have been practiced since he was young.  When training or working with your dog only ask things of the dog in which he is confident at that level to perform or work through.  Know your dog physically and mentally and what they can handle.  If the dog starts to get too frustrated-know your dog and when they need encouragement, help or just a simple reset to try again.  As trainers and handlers we want dogs that are confident and have the skills to work through problems.  This comes through positive training and encouragement to the dog and the brain is a muscle that can be worked and become stronger.

These exercises are fun because they are so positive.  The dog can offer pretty much anything and be gaining physically.  Dog interacts with balance discs and pods, gets rewarded which becomes very fun and satisfying for the dog.  The balance discs and pods create an awareness of where the dog is putting his feet, how his weight is being distributed and building on the dogs overall core strength.  All of these skills and benefits are ideal for agility and any sport dogs.  Fun little exercises to work with your pets too.

I teach exercises and skills like this in my online course Skill & Relationship Building.  Registration is ongoing- sign up today !

Also, I am excited to now be offering Individual Video Analysis These will be detailed analysis and feedback on your competition or training videos.  A great option for those not wanting to commit to a full class or lesson plan right now but are looking for some help.  I love the details and analysis of handler and dog lines on course. Along with having a natural eye for these details I also have experience which has helped develop me into the talented handler I am today.  Looking forward to helping you be the best team you can be. 👣🐾

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