First Trial in 8+ Months

Mayhem and Zae were entered in 2 days up in Albany at an AKC trial.  Mayhem earned 2 QQ’s putting him 8 away from his MACH ! :o) and Zae had some nice runs but received several faults for running his dogwalk a bit too high.  He did end up earning 1st place in masters and premier jumpers.

Although, our results were good – I feel that we did not have our best runs this weekend.  The dogs were running a little pokey.  With not doing any agility, let alone competing and a totally new trial environment in Oregon and on dirt it is understandable especially for Mayhem.  Mayhem has ring stress and it was certainly affecting his speed and performances this weekend.   That being said, there were lots of nice moments in the ring with both dogs and I feel that the speed will come especially once we find our connection again.  I think we all need to redevelop some confidence back in the ring and with running agility.  I am glad to have shed negative energies and now we can renew ourselves and further become the best we can be. 🙂

Currently, I am still equipmentless and after trialing of course there’s lots of exercises and skills on my mind I want to practice now ha.  But it felt great to be back at it with the boys !


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