Skill & Relationship Building

This is an informal class open to any skill level and is perfect for quick training indoors and keeping your dog mentally exercised.  This builds on supplemental skills and engagement which can be incorporated and beneficial to current and future trainings.  The exercises in this course will build on different foundation skills and strengthen the bond for both dogs and owners.  The tricks and games in this course are simple and _BDA7744perfect for working with the dogs bowl of food during their meal times–quick, easy and fun. 🙂

This course is based upon the food bowl games I play with my dogs regularly and especially during winter when it is too cold to go outside.

Skills incorporated:

  • Increased Body Awareness
  • Conditioning and Coordination
  • Strengthens Bond with Dog
  • Builds on Dogs Thinking Skills
  • Impulse Control and Drive
  • Focus and Motivation

The duration of this course will last 6 weeks.  Class participants will receive modules to work on, the ability to post videos and questions along with receiving unlimited feedback.  The cost is $70 /€65 for one spot with one dog and $100/€94 for two dogs.

 * Register anytime–this class is ongoing *

Working Spot (1 dog) 
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Working Spot (2 dogs)
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Once you have signed up you I will contact you with a login to access the classroom here

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