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Jessica has been actively involved in agility since 2009 but has always had a passion for dogs and working with them which continues to grow.  In agility, Jessica has trained, competed with, put titles on multiple dogs, and has competed in Europe twice with two different dogs.  As a junior, Jessica helped pioneer and was a member of the first USA EO Junior team and competed in Austria in 2012 with then 2 year old Mayhem.  Accomplishments can be seen on each dogs individual page.

European Open Junior Team USA 2012, Pinkafeld, Austria
KC International Agility Fest 2017, England

Jessica graduated from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay at the end of 2016 as a double major in philosophy and humanistic studies.  Jessica also has a passion for nature along with interest and dedication to holistic, natural health and a plant-based lifestyle.  Through this, Jessica embodies a down to earth lifestyle.

Published in USDAA newsletter
Featured in EBoston magazine
Interviewed in German newspaper

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