Online Classes & Training

To get notified when classes are available for registration follow this site to receive updates 🙂

I offer detailed reviews on competition videos or training sequence videos.  Great tool to improve your handling by reviewing what works and what could have been better.

Quick and simple exercises which are perfect for working with the dogs bowl of food during their meal times building on different skills.  Click link for full course information.

An online, discussion based course analysis class.  This course has an emphasis on education for the human and not the dog (but will benefit the dog! 🙂 )  Click link more information and to enroll.

Custom Training Modules & Personalized Online Coaching
Primarily for agility dogs (but open to any dogs and sport discipline)–whether it be basic or agility foundations, motivation, conditioning/body awareness, tricks, basic or international handling, short sequences, help with starting competing, competing better, etc etc.  Students will get personalized modules to work on and will also receive feedback.
Please contact me and we can set up something up in accordance to your goals. 🙂

FitDogs Class @ Prodogz – Medford, OR977802448961464
Canine conditioning exercises that also get your dog thinking. The exercises and skills practiced in this course will require the dog uses his brain to problem solve all while he learns where his feet are and how to balance his body.  Creates a confident dog who knows how to use his body. This is not a rehabilitation course but a fun way to increase your dogs fitness.

Prerequisites: 6 months+
Duration: 4 weeks
Every Thursday 6:00pm – 7:00pm

In-Person Private Lessons
Locally (Southern Oregon/Medford area) private lessons are available to supplement coaching and to take the dog and handlers education a step further by using skills in application creating an even stronger solid understanding.

I love teaching, getting the most out of every dog and helping each handler be the best they can be.  I am constantly learning and bettering my understanding and knowledge with agility and dogs.  I have worked with, taken courses and learned from many incredible trainers across Europe and the U.S..  With dedication and hard work anything is possible. 🙂 I offer online courses with feedback, personalized modules with online coaching and individual video analysis.  Let me know what I can help you with today.