End of Summer Update

I have been slacking on posting updates here.  It is so much easier to keep our Instagram updated. 😛

We did some competitions this summer and feeling more ‘back in the swing’ after our huge break and moving.  Zae has earned more scores towards tryouts.  Mayhem is chasing 7 QQ’s for his MACH still (with over well over 900 points currently).  I believe we will have two more competitions this year.

Thank you Terry Tuttle for all the great images ! 

The video is from a 4 day trial last month .  I am still having some ups and downs in the ring with Zae and learning to handle and connect with him best.  But am continuing to note and build on the nice parts. 🙂

Another video, with both dogs, from a 4 day trial in California can be seen here.   Was such a fun trial outdoors with mild weather and a lovely drive down the coast there.

It has been a very hot summer and the last two months or so have been extremely smokey from the wildfires cooping us in a bit.  The skies have cleared since (yay !) and the temperature is beginning to drop.  I am looking forward to training more come fall.  My field is continuing to come together nicely and is so cool to have.

We go hiking and into nature any chance possible. 🙂 The lakes are dried now but enjoyed some swimming too.

More of my photos can be seen on Flickr 

I have now offered Teeter Tune-Ups three times and it has been such a fun class to teach !  Students from nine different countries have now been a part of this course- I cannot believe it !! 😀  So cool, and I am so honored to be able to teach online.  I want to send a huge thank you to all my students past, present and future for this opportunity ! ❤️

PYRWILD has also secured sponsorship from two very cool Finish companies: AgiNotes and Nutrolin.  AgiNotes is an app, or online service, which is designed by agility competitors for agility competitors !  It is a cool database to store trainings, competition results, course maps, comments, things to work on, points of weakness, etc and even has graphs and other visuals.  Nutrolin is a human-grade fatty oil supplement company for active dogs.  My dogs are on the Sport blend and also get Skin&Coat.  The dogs LOVE the oils on their food and I have also noticed their fur is soo shiny and feels so soft.  I am so excited to be supported by these cool companies- thank you !  ❤️

What Makes PYRWILD Training Great

My goal as an online trainer is not to overwhelm students, throw a bunch of sequences or crazy skills at them but to work and fine-tune teams to be their best.  I work with each student and their dog as the individual team at the level they are at or aspire to be.

I get to know each student and their dogs individually and truly want to help each and everyone of my students to achieve their goals.  I understand that each dog learns differently and so does each human.  My aim is to help each student be successful.

With a degree in philosophy, I have a very analytical mind and a natural eye for detail.  I am proud to offer balanced, relationship-based, analytical training and feedback to my students.  With an eye for detail I am able to pinpoint little details and ultimately shape towards success.  My course content includes simple, efficient videos and detailed write ups to go along with them.

With PYRWILD training you get:

  • Unlimited feedback
  • Quick response times
  • Detailed and analytical information
  • Judgement free help and support
  • Personable connection
  • The aid of years of experience and knowledge
  • Education for the Human, Training for the Dog


Student Testimonials

“I have worked w/ lots of trainers in the last 25 years & shall continue to to visit the ones I like, but I LOVE how you break  it down incrementally; i.e. getting correctly from Point A to Point B & patiently teach how to do that.  It is SO cool how many mistakes you can see just between say like 2 or 3 jumps ! I am not naturally an “incremental” “attention to detail” person & I believe it is the key to our success.”
“…turns around the problems we were having and enabled us to win the Rescue Agility Finals. Although we are in completely different time zones Jessica replies within hours and is always ready to explain and explain again to enable us to fully understand (which is not always easy online as I have found out with previous instructors).”
“In preparation for EOJ this year with both of my dogs I have been taking an online class from Jessica. I feel more confident and can feel the connection between my dogs and I while running. Scrat has improved so much under her training/ mentoring. She has also gotten Shadows confidence and speed up at 16″ with the drills she suggests.”
“Super nice training with fast feedback in our online class! She really helped ous with our problem. We would go to a Class again”

I offer various Online Classes, Personalized Coaching and Private Lessons in Medford, OR

Lets Talk Lines: Next Class TBD

Lets Talk Lines is a discussion-based, handling analysis course online in a communal-style classroom.  The intention of this course to provide education and understanding for the handler about efficient handling and setting lines for the dog on course.  Students have access to various content and are encouraged to post their own runs for unlimited feedback for the duration of this course.

Starting date is TBD- please inquire with interest.  This course runs for a month – Spots ARE Limited !! 
Open to all levels- from backyard learning to international striving 🙂 

For more information and to sign up – Click Here

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The interest I have received for this class has been unimaginable !

Just like a lot of foundation skills in dog training and agility the teeter also needs some regular maintenance to keep its performance in tiptop shape.  This course is intended to give you the tools to create a confident dog who slides into success by working on little tune-ups to adjust their teeter performance.  No heavy duty tools necessary. 🙂

The NEXT session of this course begins September 12th and runs for 4 weeks.  Participants will receive access to the classroom, the ability to post videos and questions along with receiving unlimited feedback during the duration of the course.  The cost is $70 (60€) for a spot with 1 dog, participation with a second dog can be included for $25 (22€) more.  Please Contact Me about a Junior Handler Discount.
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Once you have registered I will contact you with a login to access the Classroom