Lets Talk Lines

This is a discussion based course and handling analysis in a communal online classroom.  This course is open to all skill levels (from backyard beginner’s to international striving) but to gain the most out of this course I recommended that your dog is proficient in sequencing and is currently competing.   Though there is still learning opportunity through the course content and participating in viewing and reading other students posts.  The intention of this course is to strengthen handlers analytical skills with education on understanding lines and efficient handling on course.

Class participants will have access course content (including video analysis of my own runs) and are encouraged to post their own videos for analysis along with access to ongoing discussion.  The cost of participation is $100/90€ for one dog and $140/125€ for two dogs.  The next class is TBD and will run for a  month.

Participation Spot (1 dog)
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Participation Spot (2 dogs)
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Once you have enrolled I will contact you with a login to access the classroom

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