FitDogs Class @ ProDogz in Medford

I have an upcoming class that I am teaching beginning in May in the Medford area.  Please contact the respective business hosting the class to sign up.

Fit Paws/Canine Conditioning
@ Prodogz Dog Training in Medford, OR 
IMG_2651.jpgThis course provides basic canine conditioning exercises that also get your dog thinking.  The exercises and skills practiced in this course will require the dog uses his brain to problem solve all while he learns where his feet are and how to balance his body.  These exercises in turn also create a confident dog who knows how to use his body.  This is not a rehabilitation course but a fun way to increase your dogs fitness.

6:00pm – Thursdays – class runs for 4 weeks

I also offer a variety of ways to learn and work with me remotely online as well !  See Training for more information and don’t hesitate to Contact Me with any inquiries !

Agility lessons are now available at my field in Medford !  Please see Training for details. 👍🏽


Pacific Northwest Adventures

Was a beautiful day today so took off with the boys to the mountains.  Was much needed and we had such a lovely day.  Also, finally got around to using my camera and took some proper photos. 🙂


First Trial in 8+ Months

Mayhem and Zae were entered in 2 days up in Albany at an AKC trial.  Mayhem earned 2 QQ’s putting him 8 away from his MACH ! :o) and Zae had some nice runs but received several faults for running his dogwalk a bit too high.  He did end up earning 1st place in masters and premier jumpers.

Although, our results were good – I feel that we did not have our best runs this weekend.  The dogs were running a little pokey.  With not doing any agility, let alone competing and a totally new trial environment in Oregon and on dirt it is understandable especially for Mayhem.  Mayhem has ring stress and it was certainly affecting his speed and performances this weekend.   That being said, there were lots of nice moments in the ring with both dogs and I feel that the speed will come especially once we find our connection again.  I think we all need to redevelop some confidence back in the ring and with running agility.  I am glad to have shed negative energies and now we can renew ourselves and further become the best we can be. 🙂

Currently, I am still equipmentless and after trialing of course there’s lots of exercises and skills on my mind I want to practice now ha.  But it felt great to be back at it with the boys !


2018 Update

In January we relocated to Oregon.  A dream come true.  Packed my stuff and my dogs in my little car and we made the 35hr journey with smooth sailing.  The weather here is lovely and mild and the area is full of nature and amazing views.  We have a big yard with lots of land and the dogs have been enjoying lots of walks.

Mayhem and Zae are entered in a trial in Albany, OR this weekend. Zae is entered in both premier runs sat/sun too.  Lots of ring time !  Running in horse arenas will be a bit of a change for both dogs but longterm will be better.  More space and better footing. I am super excited and looking forward to spending time with dogs and friends for the weekend.

However, the dogs haven’t seen equipment in 8+ months. With getting the stars to align in order to move for some time I was not doing agility.  Not wanting to commit to entering a trial in one state when I was looking to leave to another. 🙂  And just taking a break and not taking the time to drive an hour each week to train dogs and worked instead.

So I took a day off and made the 3.5hr drive up to Salem and back just to train the dogs.  Had to make sure we didn’t forget everything.  🙂  The barn is absolutely amazing with great surface sad it is so far away.  Working with the dogs was really fun.  Time off is always golden and of course after a lengthy break we have some skills to repolish and I have to get back in sync with handling myself. 🙂  But love these dogs ❤️

Also, stay tuned for details on PyrWild classes coming to the Medford area ! And for everyone else not in Southern Oregon, I offer plenty of remote, online learning options and help. 🙂 See Training