Teaser video from Skills and Relationship Building Course: Using Pressure and Frustration in Training

My Skills and Relationship Building course is a really fun little self-study with feedback with modules of content and exercises that build many important foundation skills for anyone interesting in dog training or sports.  These are quick interactive things to do with your dog.  I initially built this course as a food bowl course because they are quick easy to things to practice with the dogs meal–even in a hurry.  I use the little games featured in the course daily with my dogs.  Not only does it built a very strong set of foundation skills it also strengthens the bond with the dog.  It builds his engagement with you.

Here is a clip from the course that demonstrates how by building this skill you can use pressure and frustration in your training to build engagement and drive incorporated in many ways.

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An online, discussion based course analysis class.  This course has an emphasis on education for the human and not the dog (but will benefit the dog! 🙂 )  In this course students will learn to read lines; helping them analyze courses (including their own runs) in order to identify the fastest and most efficient lines in any given sequence.


This course will begin June 21st and runs for 6 weeks.  Spots are limited.

 Registration is open now !  See you in class ! 🙂


B.A.S.E. & KC’s International Agility Fest 2017

Zae and I will travel to Germany this August to compete at the Berger Agility Sommer Event in Borkin, DE and then the travel to England by caravan for the next weekend at the Kennel Clubs International Agility Festival.  B.A.S.E. is an international all pyrshep competition.  Many of Zae’s relatives will be there along with tons of other amazing pyrsheps!   I am looking forward to seeing friends old and new.  🙂  KC Fest is a huge four day event outdoors.









Recently we had competed outdoors one day and there was a chance it could rain.  Everyone was hoping the weather held off while I was secretely hoping that it rained for practice for Zae.  :o)  He had only competed outdoors once before many months ago so and much to my approval it did rain for our first run in the morning quite steadily.  The surface was safe just a wet hazey rainy morning.  Zae was completely unphased and ran great.  Good dog.  Sometimes he’s just too easy and perfect in his own way.  That being said, little princess Mayhem who does NOT like the rain actually did run (I completely expected nothing out of him…but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take right, ha!) and Q’d!


I am looking forward to traveling, spending some extra time and going on extra adventures with my little skipskap.  Regardless of how he may or may not do at any of these competitions the trip will be a wonderful time.  At B.A.S.E. we are going for the fun and novelty of it (and cool that we are coming from the USA for it as I’m sure not many are) but I do not expect anything out of Zae’s level at the event.  He is a young dog and has come a long way and I look forward to continuing to grow as a team with him over time.  What is most important are the little beautiful moments…they are building blocks.  And KC Fest is just a bonus for fun.  My intentions are to just have fun and take it all in stride with Zae.  It will be good practice and a fun first ‘international’ or large event for him.  I am thinking of it as a like a training boot camp and not as a competition.  See what skills we do have, see where we can improve and train better.


As for now we are mostly on an agility break.  Mayhem recently earned QQ #10 putting him halfway to his championship!!  And Zae passed the CGC test (a temperament test).  I really do adore these PyrWild doggies. 🙂


(also, I gotta say my entry fee for KC fest 12 runs could maybe get me 3 runs in the USA :o) sooo lucky over there! ha)

Zae AX and first QQ

Zae recently earned his AX putting him into masters standard.  Our competition after that he earned his first double QQ with a third and fourth place 😀


Mayhem has been doing super too and running very fast in competition.  He is such an amazing dog and it feels great to be pushed as a handler in the ring with him.   The Bad Dog Agility power rankings are out for the beginning of the year and Mayhem is the 3rd fastest boston this year so far…I intend to keep pushing to be the best we can be 🙂

Next several competitions are all in different locations and on different surfaces–excited for a change ! 🙂