End of Summer Update

I have been slacking on posting updates here.  It is so much easier to keep our Instagram updated. 😛

We did some competitions this summer and feeling more ‘back in the swing’ after our huge break and moving.  Zae has earned more scores towards tryouts.  Mayhem is chasing 7 QQ’s for his MACH still (with over well over 900 points currently).  I believe we will have two more competitions this year.

Thank you Terry Tuttle for all the great images ! 

The video is from a 4 day trial last month .  I am still having some ups and downs in the ring with Zae and learning to handle and connect with him best.  But am continuing to note and build on the nice parts. 🙂

Another video, with both dogs, from a 4 day trial in California can be seen here.   Was such a fun trial outdoors with mild weather and a lovely drive down the coast there.

It has been a very hot summer and the last two months or so have been extremely smokey from the wildfires cooping us in a bit.  The skies have cleared since (yay !) and the temperature is beginning to drop.  I am looking forward to training more come fall.  My field is continuing to come together nicely and is so cool to have.

We go hiking and into nature any chance possible. 🙂 The lakes are dried now but enjoyed some swimming too.

More of my photos can be seen on Flickr 

I have now offered Teeter Tune-Ups three times and it has been such a fun class to teach !  Students from nine different countries have now been a part of this course- I cannot believe it !! 😀  So cool, and I am so honored to be able to teach online.  I want to send a huge thank you to all my students past, present and future for this opportunity ! ❤️

PYRWILD has also secured sponsorship from two very cool Finish companies: AgiNotes and Nutrolin.  AgiNotes is an app, or online service, which is designed by agility competitors for agility competitors !  It is a cool database to store trainings, competition results, course maps, comments, things to work on, points of weakness, etc and even has graphs and other visuals.  Nutrolin is a human-grade fatty oil supplement company for active dogs.  My dogs are on the Sport blend and also get Skin&Coat.  The dogs LOVE the oils on their food and I have also noticed their fur is soo shiny and feels so soft.  I am so excited to be supported by these cool companies- thank you !  ❤️

Some Heel Upgrades w/ Zae

Lately I have been working on some ‘heel upgrades’ with Zae.  Doing so by playing around with little things seeing what we can do and what works best for us.  The ultimate goal in mind is always to clean up and make his heel even sharper.  I also decided to start to actually train a fun go to heel position.. still in very beginning stages but I am pleased so far.  Also, very happy with how sharp Zae’s turns are getting as I was looking to get cleaner, crisper 90° turns with him.

This little trick is a behavior I never ever actually trained with Zae.  I asked him to do it one day and from there we just started doing it. 🙂  He was just able to quickly figure it out because of all the foundation skills we train. I am intending to use this behavior to further clean up his heel. In the end, I want those sharp turns with a dog who stays nice and parallel to me.  I am also hoping it will help him pay more attention to details like my legs instead of just staring up at me with his goofy face and not paying true attention 😋  The beauty is in the details – training dogs is so fun !

I am currently accepting more online students !   This includes one-on-one personal classrooms with custom learning modules and feedback.  Let me know what you want to learn or improve and let’s get to work. 🙂

Pacific Northwest Adventures

Was a beautiful day today so took off with the boys to the mountains.  Was much needed and we had such a lovely day.  Also, finally got around to using my camera and took some proper photos. 🙂


KC International Agility Festival 2017

Thanks much to Ifan Griffiths for the fantastic photos from KC Fest._MG_1804-2_MG_1814-2_MG_1838-2_MG_1840-2_MG_1865 copy