Nancy Gyes Seminar

I can get a bit lazy handling my own dogs- especially after such a long hiatus like we took ! :o)  It’s not that we don’t do okay- we just don’t do our best.  I was looking forward to this seminar to whip my handling back into shape.  It did that and more !  Was the eye opener that I was needing.

Sometimes I still think of Zae as my young, lackadaisical dog who would trot and go around barless jumps.  He isn’t.  I’ve put so much work into him and the progress he’s made has been unbelievable !  Working with Nancy helped me realize that I need to be a better teammate for Zae as the dog he is now so we can continue to grow as a team.  ❤️

Private lessons are now available at my field in Medford.  If there is enough interest, I’ll also run a weekly class.  See Training and Contact Me. 😊


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An online, discussion based course analysis class.  This course has an emphasis on education for the human and not the dog (but will benefit the dog! 🙂 )  In this course students will learn to read lines; helping them analyze courses (including their own runs) in order to identify the fastest and most efficient lines in any given sequence.


This course will begin July 1st, 2018 and runs for 6 weeks.  Spots are limited.

 Registration is open now !  See you in class ! 🙂


2016 EO Developmental Camp

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This past weekend we drove 8.5hrs to Omaha, NE for this years EO camp.  Zae handled a big 3 day agility camp with 5 instructors without any issues.  On the last day of camp there was a mock finals round and Zae got chosen to run in it…he fed on the crowd’s energy so well!  Lots of moments of brilliance with the baby-dog and of course lots to work on for the future.  We went to learn–and that’s what we did. 🙂