5 MINUTE TRAINING SESSION W/ ZAE: Working & Strengthening Foundation Skills


This is a 5 minute raw video with brief comments about the training.  This training session was 5 minutes total–including playing and rewarding dog.  The session wasn’t necessarily planned; I just wanted to share a raw recording of what an average training session with my dogs looks like.  Short and productive.  Zae practiced different foundation skills and through rewarding skills were reinforced and strengthened.  Throughout the session Zae practiced a variety of skills and stayed engaged.  By practicing and enforcing these skills as a the bulk of my training the skills in turn stay strong.  For example, things like the teeter or wraps that I like to almost constantly reward–especially in sequence when they are really beautiful/what I am looking for.  A motto of mine is reward what you want to see more of.  Jackpot it when it’s especially perfect and amazing !! 🙂

All the skills in this video, and the strong working relationship I have with Zae comes through my every day training and quick practice of skills like this.  The basis of most of these every day exercises I do with my dog is available in my Skills and Relationship Building online course.