A Great Weekend

This past weekend we competed in Klamath Falls and had a wonderful time !  It was such a nice venue with nice surface and everyone was sooo friendly and kind !!  The drive was through the mountains and just gorgeous- we stopped on the way home saturday for some hiking.  Spoiled in the best way.32019066_203442487113019_852202192487055360_nThe dogs had 12 runs total with four 1st places, two 2nd places and a QQ. 🙂  Mayhem earned 1st and 2nd in master jumpers.  Zae got 1st place in premier jumpers and standard on saturday and a QQ sunday with 1st in standard and 2nd in jumpers.  More importantly, had really nice moments in the ring with both dogs.  Mayhem’s ring stress was almost completely gone in one of his runs and it was a blast to run him like that.  Zae is having really brilliant moments and is beginning to find his stride a bit more.  We’re still learning to be a connected team on course but with not training or competing I am quite pleased with where we are at.  His contacts his weekend were so lovely too.  Something that I am wanting to train and should be able to soon now that we are acquiring some equipment again. 🙂 Back to training now !

Also, I am now available for private lessons in Medford.  🙂  Contact me to set something up.

Some Recent Runs and Updates




We have been competing about 2 days a month and the dogs have been doing super.  Lots of great performances and great times.  Mayhem has earned several QQ’s and is at 7 now !  He’s become so much more speedy and himself at trials…I love it !  Zae has been competing in master jumpers and holding his own with some good times.  He needs one more excellent standard leg to move up into master jumpers but has been doing amazing.




I am also excited to share that PYRWILD is now sponsored by Ruffdog Sports Supply 🙂


The weather has warmed up so we can begin spending more time outdoors and in the woods.  I just love these amazing dogs 🙂 Also, a reminder that I do offer ongoing private lessons/coaching and my Winter Games course has been redeveloped into an ongoing Skills and Relationship Building course.


Some updates

We have been competing a sunday here and there and the dogs have been doing super and having great results.  Since my last update, Mayhem has gotten 2 QQ’s, four first places, a third place and Zae has gotten several execellent Q’s with great times several times faster than the master dogs 🙂   He gets more confident each run and we are having a lot of fun.


Mayhem was #3 on 2016’s Bad Dog Agility’s breed power scores This was after just beginning to compete again and some runs with a stressed out Mayhem.  He has been running beautifully at trials since then.  After many years and trying countless things twice over to combat Mayhem’s ring stress I might have finally found a solution.  I have a food bowl game I quickly work on with the dogs several times a week and Mayhem struggles through it but has really helped him work through stress.  I do include this method in my Winter Games class and the next session will begin March 1st.  Registration is open now.  For more info click here.

Today marks 2 years since I brought Zae home from Germany.  He has taught me so much and helped push me even further to be the trainer that I am today.  Excited for many more years with my little skipskap !



Zae’s first competition in open and Mayhem MX

Zae continues to handle trialing effortlessly!  Really pleased with his dogwalks in competition so far and very happy with his reared weave entry in trial.  Though, competing in nested courses between levels creates its own challenge for me as a handler too as I got lost in one of Zae’s run because I was still in the mindset of Mayhem’s run.

Mayhem had some nice runs too and finally earned his MX with a 1st place !  Though, a missed jump each run was the trend at this trial with him..but otherwise he was running nicely and had some great parts.  Pushing some skills in competition with him and was impressed by his ability to rear weaves in a trial setting 😀  Just starting to get back in the swing of competing with Mayhem but it is feeling good.