KC International Agility Festival 2017

Thanks much to Ifan Griffiths for the fantastic photos from KC Fest._MG_1804-2_MG_1814-2_MG_1838-2_MG_1840-2_MG_1865 copy

Teaser video from Skills and Relationship Building Course: Using Pressure and Frustration in Training

My Skills and Relationship Building course is a really fun little self-study with feedback with modules of content and exercises that build many important foundation skills for anyone interesting in dog training or sports.  These are quick interactive things to do with your dog.  I initially built this course as a food bowl course because they are quick easy to things to practice with the dogs meal–even in a hurry.  I use the little games featured in the course daily with my dogs.  Not only does it built a very strong set of foundation skills it also strengthens the bond with the dog.  It builds his engagement with you.

Here is a clip from the course that demonstrates how by building this skill you can use pressure and frustration in your training to build engagement and drive incorporated in many ways.

To find out more about PyrWild’s online courses and training please visit the Training page.


I am excited to announce:

Winter Games Class

This is an informal class open to any skill level and is perfect for winter training indoors and keeping your dog mentally exercised.  This builds on supplemental skills and engagement which can be incorporated and beneficial to current and future trainings.  These Winter Games will build on different foundation skills and strengthen the bond for both dogs and owners.  The tricks and games in this course are simple and perfect for working with the dogs bowl of food during their meal times–quick, easy and fun. 🙂  This course is based upon the food bowl games I play with my dogs regularly during winter when it is too cold to go outside.

For more information and to sign up click here 

This first course will begin Jan 17th 🙂  See you in class !

 Registration open now for the next session of this course beginning March 1st 🙂

Zae’s first competition in open and Mayhem MX

Zae continues to handle trialing effortlessly!  Really pleased with his dogwalks in competition so far and very happy with his reared weave entry in trial.  Though, competing in nested courses between levels creates its own challenge for me as a handler too as I got lost in one of Zae’s run because I was still in the mindset of Mayhem’s run.

Mayhem had some nice runs too and finally earned his MX with a 1st place !  Though, a missed jump each run was the trend at this trial with him..but otherwise he was running nicely and had some great parts.  Pushing some skills in competition with him and was impressed by his ability to rear weaves in a trial setting 😀  Just starting to get back in the swing of competing with Mayhem but it is feeling good.